A slovenian week

In June, I decided to join the slovenian crew… All these crazy guys we’ve met in Chile last winter!!! During the chilean trip a great friendship is born between us… and I crossed France and Italy to join them in their little but lovely country…

With my friends Jannez, Andraz and Klemen, I ran Katarakt part of the Soça river (a lot of time!!)..

I discovered the Tolminka “low water” Drop with Andraz (my knees too!!!)…acting for a F…. TV team who’d never said us thank you!!!











and to finish this great week, jannez brought me to the Krka river…and to METELKOVA (the greatest place ever in Llujbjana!!!!)
Great times with my friends!


Hoping to see you in britanny showing wave skiing in our big waves!!!!

François, the 20th of september

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